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Cephaloscape is the digital embodiment of a cephalopod at a microscopic, cellular level. Cuttlefish in particular have a unique ability to expand and contract layers of skin cells to not only change the color, but the texture of their bodies. They use their advanced skinscape to survive, camouflage, stun prey and attract mates.

In Cephaloscape the porous and textured screen will mimic the cellular makeup as it exists in a carefree daily motion and as it's impacted by external forces, threats, food sources, potential mates and symbiotic counterparts. As viewers move around the piece they can trigger both touch and sensor events, acting as threat or rewards in the cellscape system. Events will illuminate the cellscape with different projections, changing its looks, feel, color and texture for the viewer to fall prey to the show.

Gray Area Immersive

Spring 2022

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