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Hyper|link is a theoretical social and technological injection of space into the Wah Fu housing development in Hong Kong, China. The Wah Fu development is 1 of many gridded housing towers in Hong Kong and throughout the world. Using this as symbol of mundanity and grinding repetition in the built world Wah Fu represents a site that could be interchangeable for any site in the world.
Hyperlink is an architectural injection of 'other' spaces, each with highly specific function and draw. Hyperlink uses ballooning rooms and pinched pathways to mimic how we move through digital spaces on the internet in our physical world. Hyperlinks pathways cut diagonally, vertically and across the monotonous Wah Fu Housing tower with spaces cutting through existing corridors, courtyards and apartments. Once inside the link system you are drawn from space to space, linking interests desires and tangents that you may experience on the web. One might enter through a room filled with tulips, only to be drawn to an exhibit on honey bees and then out through a kitchen where fine desserts are made using honey and bee pollen.
Hyperlink seeks speed up movement and interaction and challenge how we know how to move through the world, with how we are learning to move through the web.

BArch Thesis- Doug Jackson

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